JMS shine a light on the features that make our platforms so useful

Deskglider over desk

Spotlight On… The Deskglider

The Deskglider is available to hire from JMS.
Also known as Desk Surfer or Glidelift, this platform provides easy height access in office and call centre environments. […]

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Spotlight On… The Ecolift Low Level Access

This low level access platform is available to hire today.
The Ecolift is an excellent alternative to ladders and doesn’t use batteries or hydraulics making it the perfect eco-friendly option for low level access. […]

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Spotlight On… The MEC Titan 60-S Boom lift

The Titan 60-S boom lift was designed to support tasks where productivity can’t be compromised by safety. Construction, maintenance and installation tasks such as curtain wall installation, steel erection, and pipe installation are all examples of how the Titan 60-S boom lift can prove its worth. […]

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