Boom Lifts (Cherry Picker Hire)

JMS modern boom lift range is available for hire across the UK.

Our Cherry Picker Hire fleet includes articulated boom lifts (often called a cherry picker) and telescopic or straight stick booms, all offering excellent outreach over obstacles.

JMS hire electric boom lifts for quiet, emission free operation, diesel boom lifts for external use including rough terrain boom lifts for tough site conditions and bi-energy boom lifts that enable you to operate both indoors and outdoors. Bi-energy booms provide great flexibility in use on site.

We have an extensive supply of the most popular boom lifts such as Genie Boom, Skyjack Booms, JLG booms and Niftylift Height Rider.

When it comes to cherry picker hire, there are a number of important things to consider. Take a look at our checklist for cherry picker hire.

Cherry picker hire near me – Our 4 depots plus our links with the Access Link network mean JMS can deliver the powered access you need.

For cherry picker or boom lift hire – we’ll have the right platform for your job.

Boom lift hire from JMS Powered Access

Mast Lifts
Often included in types of low level access, they are a powered access platform that moves up and down a vertical mast. Mast lifts are compact and highly manoeuvrable, making them ideal for operation in restricted spaces where a traditional scissor or boom lift is unable to work.

Rough Terrain
Rough terrain booms are designed for use on uneven and difficult ground conditions. Typically diesel powered, they are available with articulated or straight booms and often have high gradeability.

Truck Mounted Boom Lifts
Truck mounted boom lifts can be driven directly to the worksite enabling them to be used quickly. Unlike larger pieces of equipment, they don’t require a road movement order when moving between sites so can be driven on public highways.

Electric Boom Lifts
Electric powered boom lifts have increased in popularity over recent years, as more contractors are needing low emission platforms. Manufacturers have responded and developed ever more powerful electric booms which can rival diesel booms for height and performance capabilities.

Trailer Mounted Boom Lifts
Trailer mounted boom lifts, sometimes called trailer mounts, are boom type access platforms mounted onto a specially designed chassis that can be easily towed and transported to the work site. They are built to be as lightweight and compact as possible, offering an excellent working envelope for their size.

Diesel Boom Lifts
Boom lifts powered by diesel engines are the most powerful type of self propelled booms. They are usually hired for external jobs and can enable operators to work at huge heights, up to 58.57m. The JMS fleet includes diesel powered spider booms, articulated booms and telescopic booms.

Articulated Boom Lifts
Articulated boom lifts are ideal for applications where height and outreach are required to gain access up and over obstacles. They are available to hire from JMS in a variety of options to suit your requirements such as electric, diesel, bi-energy and rough terrain. Working heights range from 11.14m up to 52m.

Bi-Energy Boom Lifts
Bi-energy booms offer the best of both worlds - emission free battery power for indoor work or in sensitive environments or diesel power for working outdoors where travel across sites is needed. If you need your powered access to be flexible, then bi-energy is a good choice.

Spider Boom Lifts
Spider boom lifts are so called thanks to their outrigger configuration which enables the machine load to be evenly spread across the floor. They are propelled using tracks and provide exceptional agility on uneven ground. Spider lifts offer high reach capability whilst retaining narrow travel width, so are ideal for use where access is restricted. JMS supplies a comprehensive range of spider lifts with working heights of 14m up to 52m.

Telescopic Boom Lifts
Telescopic boom lifts (also known as straight or stick booms) extend telescopically, allowing you to reach farther and with greater lift capacity than articulated booms. Working heights range from 15m all the way up to 58.57m. Many have 4 wheel drive to get across tough sites with ease.

Super Booms (30m+)
Super booms is a term used by JMS for booms that reach over 30m in height. They are usually found on external high level jobs, such as outdoor construction and industrial maintenance. They can reach farther than any other form of self propelled access, offering working heights of 31.80m up to 58.57m.

IPAF Training
JMS offers a comprehensive range of IPAF training courses to help you work safely at height.
For details on the training courses available and to book a course, please contact our training team on 0845 457 0000 or email