Deskglider / Glidelift


Deskglider / Glidelift

JMS introduce the Glidelift access platform now available to hire.

Also referred to as Desk Surfer or office desk access platform, the Glide Lift provides safe access up to a height of 4m.

Since the introduction of the Work At Height regulations in 2005 there have been many attempts to provide a replacement for step ladders in the work place. All types of access platforms that never existed pre 2005 have been introduced to the market.

Podium steps have become very popular even powered access platforms that reach just 3 or 5 metres, who would have guessed it. But it has taken years for a truly low cost, simple, height adjustable platform to make an appearance.

The GlideLift is a height adjustable access platform for all work up to a reach height of 4m. Evolved from our Deskglider, the hugely popular over desk platform, The GlideLift still retains its over desk capability but at last offers the most versatile, low cost, low level access platform on the market

Specification Overview

Maximum Working Height 4m
Maximum Platform Height 2m
Overall Width 1.10m
Stowed Length 1.35m
Stowed Height 1.92m
Gross Machine Weight 90kg
Overall Length 1.44m
Load Capacity 150kg

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