Genie Lift Hire

The term Genie Lift has been synonymous in the powered access industry for years now – often used to describe a boom type lift (also called cherry picker) or even a scissor type lift.

The term is derived from Genie Industries – one of the largest manufacturers of scissor lifts boom type lifts in the World

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Let’s take a look at the different types of Genie Lifts available for hire

Xtra Capacity Genie Lift – XC

Introduced in response to increased worldwide demand for higher platform capacities – these booms have proved very successful.

With this extra capacity often comes a restricted working envelope whilst retaining the full working envelope with a smaller capacity.

Doing more with one genie lift saves time and increases productivity.

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Genie z-33/18 Articulated Booms
The Genie Lift Z33-18 is a great example of the all-electric AC drive system

Eco-friendly Genie Lifts

Hybrid boom lifts such as the Genie Z60/37 FE are leading the way with today’s evolving needs for high performance and low emissions.

Hybrid machines can be used both indoors and outdoors – so one Genie Lift hire really can help provide flexibility on site.

Genie’s new AC drive system has the benefit of allowing end users to adapt to today’s regulations covering both noise and emissions.

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Telescopic Boom Genie Lifts

Genie lifts with huge reach capacity, enabling operators’ access to jobsites inaccessible by other boom lifts.

These genie lifts are often found on high reach applications such as oil, gas and petrochemical. Sometimes referred to as Stick genie lifts or straight genie lifts.

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Articulated Boom Genie Lifts

When you need to lift up, over and out with precise positioning, Articulating Genielift booms are ideal.

The very first Genie Z Lift, introduced in 1985, was the Z30/20

Other articulated Genie lifts available for hire

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Aerial Work Platforms | Push Around Genie Lifts

AWP Genie lifts are compact push around one person lifts.

Designed for use in areas with light floor loading such as schools, hospitals, leisure and retail workplaces.

Personnel Genie lifts use four outriggers (or stabilisers) to provide a secure base whilst working at height.

Once finished, the AWP Genie lifts can be easily moved away and stored safely elsewhere.

Typically found in warehousing and maintenance applications, the Runabout GenieLift are highly manoeuvrable genie mast lifts

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Vertical Mast Genie Lifts

They can be driven whilst fully elevated, have a compact chassis with zero inside turning radius and can fit easily through a standard single doorway

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