Tracked Cherry Picker Hire

What is a cherry picker?

Cherry pickers, also known as boom lifts, are boom mounted platforms used for gaining access at height safely and efficiently.

Why the name cherry picker?

As the name suggests, it originally derives from fruit picking in orchards where the picker had to get up and over the fruit trees.

Tracked cherry pickers

These days, it’s not just fruit picking that cherry pickers are used for. There are many different types – electric , diesel bi-energy, telescopic and articulated, some have wheels and some have tracks.

As work sites present increasingly difficult height access challenges, tracked cherry pickers (also called spider boom lifts) provide access solutions to demanding locations.

Mounted on caterpillar type crawler tracks, they can be used externally and internally and are ideal for use on rough uneven terrain.

Hinowa 33.17 Lightlift - Performance IIIS
A Hinowa Lightlift 33.17 Performance IIIS with a working height of 32.60m is used for glazing inspections at Kew Gardens.

Key features of tracked cherry pickers

  • Compact and agile – Tracked cherry pickers can fit through standard single and double doorways and can navigate corners and other obstacles that might be present on the worksite.
  • Light and gentle – Limited floor load capacity or delicate floor types are a problem for self-propelled boom lifts as they are heavy and bulky. Tracked boom lifts benefit from low overall weight and balance under the non-marking rubber tracks. Floors are protected from marks by spreading the weight of the boom via the stabilisers. This stabilisation can function on different height levels offering the flexibility needed in tight spaces.
  • Precise basket positioning – Thanks to its enormous reach and smooth controls, a tracked boom lift can be driven to exactly where it’s needed.
  • Slopes and stairs – These are no problem for a tracked cherry picker. The tracks can be driven on slopes up to a 30% inclination and even have the ability to climb stairs.
Hinowa Kew gardens
Excellent up and over reach.
Hinowa Kew gardens
The compact design enables the machine to be placed close to the side of the building.
Hinowa Lightlift 20.10 Spider Boom
Easily manoeuvrable around tight spaces
HInowa Lightlift 26.14 slopes  stairs
Slopes are no problem for tracked cherry pickers
Hinowa Lightlift 15.70 outdoor application
Stabilisers allow for use on uneven ground

IPAF training

JMS Powered Access offers a comprehensive range of training courses to help you work safely at height, including IPAF training.

For tracked cherry pickers, the IPAF training category is:

Static Boom (1b) – Self-propelled booms (outriggers), trailers/push-arounds, vehicle-mounted platforms.

Successful applicants will receive an IPAF Powered Access Licence (PAL) card which is valid for up to 5 years.

Other training courses are available – contact us on 0845 457 0000 for more information.

Nationwide tracked cherry picker hire

JMS Powered Access has a comprehensive range of tracked cherry pickers, available to hire across the UK from JMS Hire depots in Harpenden, Leeds, Radlett and Dartford.

Call our hire team on 0845 457 0000 or email

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