Tracked Boom outdoor Application

Is your work highly challenging? The most demanding jobs often take place in difficult-to-reach areas or on rough terrain. To reach the job site even in challenging areas, Tracked booms offer robust design, powerful engines, the safest stabiliser system and the most versatile track chassis.

Outdoor Applications

Robust in construction

Apart from scaffolds, all possible categories of aerial lifts are used on construction sites. Very often the perfect mix between compactness, lightness and flexibility is what makes the Tracked Boom a highly appreciated all-purpose tool.

Demanding facade works

Many buildings are also hard to reach from the outside, so a lot of aerial lifts would have to give up. The extreme agility and the many setup possibilities of the tracked boom make efficient and easy facade and roof access possible.

Tree care

Whether in well-kept gardens with lawned areas or in robust forestry operation: Working in tree care requires a very mobile and universally applicable tool, which does not have to stop at the garden gate.

Typical outdoor applications

Industrial facilities

Industrial facilities

In industry, maintenance and upkeep must not lead to downtime. Tracked booms are used in many industrial projects to guarantee quick and efficient jobs.

Construction projects

Construction projects

The Tracked boom is very often valued as a flexible all round-solution. The mix of compactness, lightness and extreme flexibility of the stabiliser system make the lifts an indispensable multi-tool.

Hinowa Lightlift 17.75 glass and facade cleaning

Glass & façade cleaning

Many large glass surfaces are hard to reach from the outside. With a tracked boom you can simply carry on working inside the building.

HInowa Lightlift 17.75 forestry operation and tree care

Forestry operation & tree care

Lawns, pathways and sensitive grounds must not be damaged when trimming trees. Teupen offers the ultimate solution.