Introduction to Tracked Booms

Increasingly – many job sites present difficult height access challenges, especially with modern building architecture. This is where Tracked booms come in. Mounted on Caterpillar type crawler tracks they provide access to demanding locations – externally and internally – easily, safely and efficiently.

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Tracked booms are compact & agile

Many locations can only be reached through doors or alleyways, this is no problem for a tracked boom. With their compact design, they can fit through every standard single or double door. Whilst driving to the job location, difficulties like corners and other constructional obstacles may be a problem. The track chassis allows simple sensitive manoeuvring through tight spaces and around obstacles. Narrow gates in parks or building grounds can be traversed easily. In particular, modern shopping centre atria can pose problems with narrow access but with high reach applications. Tracked boom platforms such as the Teupen Leo 23GT and the Hinowa Lightlift 26.14 can often be found at retail centres.

Hinowa Lightlift 26.14 boom lift in tight spaces
Operating a Tracked Boom

Red – Yellow – Blue – The same control concept for all lifts: the controls have a well arranged, colour coded operating panel. With a minimum number of joysticks selection switches, operation becomes easy, intuitive and safe.

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Tracked boom controler
Light & gentle Spider lifts

Limited floor load capacity or delicate floor types are a problem for self propelled boom lifts as they are heavy and bulky . Track mounted boom platforms benefit from low overall weight balance under the non-marking rubber tracks – particularly useful in complex applications where floor loads are critical. Protecting delicate floor finishes by spreading the weight of the track boom via the stabilsers.

Tracked boom indoor access
Tracked Boom Indoor Applications

Compact, light, manoeuverable and quick to set up – with tasks in which time is of importance, a versatile and highly mobile solution is required!

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Indoor tracked boom
Tracked Booms are versatile all-rounders

More versatile than all other aerial lift categories combined: compact like a scissor lift, light like a trailer mount, mobile like a truck-mount enhanced performance over a heavier self propelled boom lift. Tracked booms provide height access solutions that cover more than the ordinary – it can master more complicated access problems. Everything from a robust tree care job to demanding internal building applications.

Hinowa Kew gardens
Tracked Boom Outdoor Applications

Highly challenging jobs outdoors often take place in difficult-to-reach areas or on rough terrain – no problem at all for the tracked boom.

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Hinowa Kew gardens

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Tracked Boom Gallery
Lithium Ion Power

JMS have a selection of tracked booms powered by Lithium Ion batteries.

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Tracked boom capabilities

Many track mounted booms have unique attributes over other forms of powered access. We take a look at just a few of the key areas that set tracked booms apart.

HInowa Lightlift 26.14 slopes  stairs

Slopes & stairs

Thanks to it’s powerful tracks, these spider booms can drive on slopes up to 30% inclination and even have the ability to climb stairs.

HInowa Lightlift 15.70 doors  alleyways

Doors & alleyways

With stowed widths of 78cm, 98cm or 1,58m all models of tracked booms fit through standard doorways – some single, some double doors.

Hinowa Lightlift 20.10 stabilisation  leveling

Stabilisation & leveling

All boom models come with an automatic leveling system. At the push of a button, the boom lift can be positioned into a safe working position.

Tracked boom maneuvering

Exact manoeuvring

Proportional joystick controls the precise track chassis give the operator the ability to manoeuvre the lift with precision.

Hinowa Lightlift 26.14 precise basket positioning

Precise basket positioning

Solid durable boom design with enormous reach and smooth controls allow exact drive to the working location.

Tracked boom low space requierments

Low space requirements

The stabilisation also functions on different height levels offers various setup positions for job sites with limited space or footprint.


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