Tracked Boom Indoor Application

Be at the job site quickly, set up for work even quicker – especially with tasks in which time is of importance, a versatile highly mobile solution is required! In the atriums, courtyards & arcades of modern architecture flexibility is required for being able to solve diverse challenges without too much disturbance of the building use.


Electric & air conditioning installations, carpentry, steel or painting works… Efficient safe height access in tight spaces is an important economic factor for applications during construction finishing phases of many building projects.


Whether in museums, shopping centres or office buildings. For ongoing maintenance of the lighting, smoke detection & air conditioning systems or repair works the LEO lift is the quickest solution more efficient than scaffolding!


Hotels, stadiums, airports, convention centres…
Especially for continuous recurring procedures like glass interior cleaning in much frequented buildings a solution is preferable that does not affect or disturb the flow of visitors.



Stadiums, sports- & leisure facilities

Large sports facilities theme parks are permanently in use can’t afford downtime for maintenance or cleaning. With a tracked boom the required jobs can be done quick efficiently.

Hinowa Lightlift 15.70 indoor applications

Historic buildings & churches

When maintaining an old building you often can’t rely on building stards – additional challenges like doors, tight passages or sensitive flooring dem even more caution.


Museums, art galleries, auditoriums

In buildings with multiple usage ever-changing events there is always a time plan to be kept – therefore a flexible versatile aerial lift solution is so important.

Hinowa Lightlift 20.10

Hotels, casinos, convention centres

The access application will mostly take place very quickly outside opening hours or during the night has no impact for the smooth operation of the building.

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