LGMG SR1623D diesel scissor lift

LGMG SR1623D – 12m – Diesel Scissor Lift

The LGMG SR1623D rough terrain scissor lift is available to hire from JMS Powered Access. The LGMG SR1623D delivers great productivity thanks to its larger working platform and dual extension decks. Four-wheel drive, oscillating axels and hydraulic outriggers provide superior stability on the most tough uneven surfaces. Key features include: Pull-out engine tray for easy […]

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Genie GS4390 RT gas powered scissor lift

Genie GS4390RT – 14.75m – LPG Gas Scissor Lift

Genie’s RT Scissors are well known for their excellent durability and reliability. The Genie GS4390 RT LPG Gas Powered Scissor Lift eliminates harmful diesel particles from the working environment, making it perfect for indoor use, whilst still having the ability to work outside. […]

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Skyjack 8841E – 14.50m – Electric Scissor Lift

Hire the Skyjack 8841E electric scissor lift from JMS Powered Access.  The Skyjack 8841 E offers a maximum working height of 14.50m, an overall width of 2.20m and these scissors have a platform capacity of 681kg. These electric scissor lifts are ideal for working in a range of applications. The dual deck extensions form a large platform […]

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Skyjack SJ9241RT Rough Terrain Scissor Lift

Skyjack SJ9241RT – 14.50m – Rough Terrain Scissor Lift

The Skyjack SJ9241RT rough terrain scissor lift is available to hire nationwide from JMS Powered Access. The Skyjack SJ9241RT rough terrain scissor lift has a large platform capacity of 681kg, a maximum working height of  14.50m and gradeability of 30% making it an ideal machine for heavy duty applications in construction, cladding and building maintenance. […]

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SJ_8841_RT rough terrain scissor lift

Skyjack SJ8841 RT – 14.5m – Diesel Scissor Lift

Skyjack’s Full-Size Series Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts deliver huge platforms, soaring work heights and heavy duty capacities— all in one package! The SJ8841 feature working heights of 14.5 m respectively. Drivable at full height, 681kg capacity allows maximum productivity. Key Features: Axle based 4WD. “No Spin” rear differential and limited slip front different. Disc brake […]

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