POWER TOWERS Access Platform Hire

JMS has a wide range of low-level access machines available for long term or short-term hire.

We can deliver Power Towers access platforms anywhere in the UK, in many cases with next-day delivery.

Here’s a short run down of just some of the frequently asked questions about these fantastic, flexible low-level access platforms.

What POWER TOWERS access platforms do you hire?

JMS hire many of the Power Towers range. These include:

Which JMS Powered Access depots hire Power Towers platforms?

Power Tower low level access machines are available from all JMS depots – our headquarters in Harpenden, Leeds, Dartford as well as the Media & TV access office in Pinewood Studios.





Call JMS today on 0845 457 0000 or email hire@jms.co.uk, or fill in the form below

What is Low Level Access?

Low level access is a term coined by the access industry to describe a range of machines that work at low level heights, typically up to around 5m.

They are often found operating where ladders and steps were previously used – indoors, on flat and level surfaces.

Low level machines can either be push-around – where an operator simply pushes the machine to the next desired work location or self-propelled – where the machine is driveable.

Do I need IPAF training license to operate a Power Towers platform?

Yes – IPAF training is required to be able to operate this equipment safely.

A PAV PAL licence for push-around models

An IPAF 3a PAL licence for self-propelled machines.

How many operators can a Power Towers platform hold?

Platform capacity varies across the range – see individual machine specifications on our website. However, most low level platforms are suitable for a single operator plus tools and equipment.

Can low level machines be used outdoors?

There are two Wind Rated models suitable for use outdoors – Power Towers Wind Rated Ecolift Wind Rated Pecolift.

Suitable for operation on flat, level surfaces outdoors. They are both available to hire from JMS.

Why did JMS choose Power Towers?

We asked JMS Managing Director Mark Jackson for his thoughts. Mark said “The Power Towers product is a great range of access platforms with a proven track record. They work particularly well in office or retail environments where they are a great alternative to traditional ladders and steps

push around platform pecolift-ecolift-wind-rated

Call JMS today on 0845 457 0000 or email hire@jms.co.uk

Where can I find out more?

Check out the specifications online of our Power Tower range here or call the JMS team to find out more
or read the Low Level Guide by Power Towers here.

What industries use Power Tower Low Level Access machines?

  • Building maintenance – office, hotels leisure facilities
  • Building Refit
  • Cleaning
  • Small HVAC maintenance and installation
  • Lighting maintenance and installation
  • Shop fitting
  • Low level factory & warehouse maintenance
  • Signage installation
  • Sporting and entertainment venues and events
  • Low level office telecommunications
  • Art installation
  • Media and TV work

JMS continues high investment in low level powered access platforms has been named as one of the UK’s top five powered access companies for low level fleets in Cranes Access magazine

How can I see Power Towers products in action?

View some of the manufacturer videos right here.

Where can I find operator manuals for Power Towers products?

Your Power Towers product on hire from JMS will have a copy of the operator manual on the machine.

However – you can find them in the POWER TOWERS Section of the Resources page here > https://jms.co.uk/resources/