Electric Scissor Lift Hire – JMS introduces the Dingli JCPT 0607 DCS

JMS is one of the first platform hire companies in the UK to take delivery of the ultra-narrow Dingli JCPT 0607 DCS self-propelled, electric scissor lift.

The low-level access machine replaces other working at height systems, such as ladders, scaffolding towers, while providing greater flexibility, productivity, safety.

Ultra-Narrow Safe

Mark Jackson, Managing Director of JMS, said: “We’re investing in new Dingli scissor lifts because we want to offer our hire customers more low-level access choice.

The Dingli JCPT 0607 DCS scissor lift is battery-powered so has zero emissions is low-noise, making it ideal for internal environments, including retail hotel spaces.

Our scissor lift hire clients are impressed with the Dingli JCPT 0607 calling it a reliable machine.”

The low-level scissor lift has a width of just 0.76 metres, making it one of the narrowest machines in the JMS scissor lift hire fleet.

With a turning radius of 0.40m inside 1.55m outside, it is ideal for working at height in confined spaces.

The Dingli JCPT 0607 DCS has a maximum working height of 5.6m, a stowed gradability of 25%. Its extendable platform creates a larger working space, greater reach for working above obstacles.

Its folding guardrails makes it easier the operate the machine in confined spaces. The scissor lift also has automatic pothole protection to improve safety over uneven surfaces.

Dingli Scissor Lift Hire, available from JMS.

Contributing to workplace safety

A study carried out by the Health Safety Executive (HSE) industries revealed there were, on average, 16.5 deaths a year due to falls from ladders step ladders in the construction civil engineering industries alone between 1981 1985.

Spurred on by such figures, the HSE, other regulatory bodies, industry leaders, have driven a process of improving safety.

The increased use of mobile elevating working platforms (MEWPs), including scissor lifts, has played a significant part in the process. Scissor lifts like the Dingli JCPT 0607 DCS are extending safety still further in the low-level working environment.

Mark Jackson said: “There is still a tendency for people working in many industries to think first of ladder systems for low level working at height tasks.

“The statistics from the 1980s demonstrate the inherent risks of this technology. Highly compact, cost-effective, productive access platforms like the Dingli JCPT 0607 DCS will help us demonstrate that there are alternatives that make working at height safer, as well as more productive.”

Flexibility & Performance

The Dingli JCPT 0607 scissor lift is ideal for a wide range of environments including, retail, shopping centres, logistic depots, retail warehouses, construction sites.

It is suited to many different tasks, such as building fit-out, electrical mechanical maintenance, building inspection, lighting installation.

This makes it’s a good choice for customers working on extensive internal maintenance or refurbishment programmes requiring flexible co-ordination of multiple working at height tasks.

The scissor lift’s 240kg maximum load means up to two operatives can work from the platform, while still having enough weight capacity for tools materials.

Nationwide Service

All powered access equipment is available for hire nationally through JMS’s depots in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, Leeds, West Yorkshire Pinewood Studios, Bucks.

For information about scissor lift hire, or hiring other powered access equipment, contact JMS today on 0845 457 0000 or email hire@jms.co.ukjms.co.uk.