IPAF PAL+ Advanced MEWP Operator Training

The IPAF PAL+ Advanced MEWP Operator Training course is an optional, additional one day of category-specific training aimed at operators working in higher risk or challenging environments.

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The course is open to operators who hold an existing PAL Card qualification in the relevant category.

To book this IPAF course, call 0845 457 0000 or email training@jms.co.uk

Course Details

Course Length 1 Day
Certification PAL+ Certificate Valid for 5 years
Location On site or JMS Training Centre
You can take the PAL+ course upon successful completion of the PAL Operator course (in the relevant category).

Course Information

  • If you hold a valid PAL+ qualification, you do not necessarily need a PAL operator qualification for the same category. If you renew your PAL+ qualification, you do not need to renew your original PAL operator qualification when it expires. However, you must hold a valid PAL operator qualification when you originally take the PAL+ course.
  • It may not be suitable for inexperienced operators to take the PAL Operator and PAL+ course back to back. To ensure that candidates get the most out of the PAL+ course, sufficient experience in operating equipment is required.
  • Upon successful completion of the PAL+ course, candidates will be issued a new digital card showing the relevant categories for which PAL+ was achieved.

How will I receive my IPAF Certification?

Upon successful completion of the IPAF training course, candidates will receive their PAL cards digitally via the ePAL app.

The app is free to download (on Apple iOS and Android devices) and is a convenient way to keep a record of all IPAF licences and qualifications gained. Find out more about the ePAL app here.

For more information and to book the IPAF PAL+ Advanced MEWP Operator Training course
Call 0845 457 0000
You can email our training team: training@jms.co.uk