Safe Low-Level Access with the DeskGlider

What is a DeskGlider?

The DeskGlider is a low-level access platform that allows safer access over and above desk areas, up to a working height of four metres.

The DeskGlider is also known by other names such as Desk Surfer and Glidelift.

JMS’s Managing Director, Mark Jackson said “The DeskGlider makes it easier for our customers to work at height in office environments. Tasks such as ceiling, light, and fire alarm maintenance can be carried out more quickly and safely with minimal disruption to the work space.”  

Work safely over desks with a DeskGlider.


Safety is a key issue when hiring access platforms. The DeskGlider eliminates the need to use step ladders, which avoids preventable ladder related incidents, such as trips and falls. It greatly reduces the risk of maintenance staff putting themselves and others in danger by improvising methods to access work sites.


Using DeskGlider as part of a safe system of work helps employers demonstrate compliance with Work at Height Regulations 2005. 


The low-level access platform protects against falls in the workplace.

Its 360-degree guard rail protection and large platform space allows maintenance to work safely at height.


The DeskGlider maximises productivity by making it quicker and easier to access areas above desks. Tools and materials can be carried on the platform, rather than continuously fetched and carried. Maintenance and repair tasks can be completed more quickly and efficiently.

Business sectors

The DeskGlider can be used in a range of work spaces where safe and efficient low-level access is necessary, and staff need to work at height over desks and workplace furniture. This includes offices, shops, schools and colleges, factories, and laboratories.


The DeskGlider is a low level platform is designed to help complete many different tasks, including maintaining lights, decorating, high level cleaning, alarm maintenance, electrical and pipe maintenance, and building repairs.


The platform has a maximum working height of four metres, and a max platform height of two metres.

At 1.1m wide and 1.44m long, it can easily be guided through double doorways. The access machine’s capacity is 150 kg, allowing maintenance personnel to carry tools and materials.

Nationwide Service

All powered access equipment is available for hire nationally through JMS’s depots in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, Leeds, West Yorkshire and Pinewood Studios, Bucks.

For information about hiring the DeskGlider, and all other powered access, contact JMS today on 0845 457 0000 or email,