5 Reasons to hire the Deskglider

The Deskglider access platform is a simple solution for working over desks safely.

JMS has a fleet of low-level access platforms for hire. The Deskglider access platform solves an industry wide issue of how to work above desks, tables, workbenches safely, efficiently, ensure compliance with the Work at Height Regulations.

Justin Lynn, a Director at JMS, says: “The Deskglider is one of our most popular low-level access platforms. Our clients say it is simple to use. It can be adjusted to the required height, so is ideal for a range of applications.”

The Deskglider is often used by maintenance managers in schools colleges, offices, shops. Key customers include lighting fire safety contractors, facilities management providers, public sector estate managers.

There are five key benefits that make the Deskglider an excellent low level access platform hire choice.

1. Easy to transport

Weighing just 90kg, the access platform is lightweight compact, so can be quickly easily transported to where it is needed.

Swivel castors – The four-point swivel castors give sideways movement, a benefit for getting through crowded areas.

Fits through doorways – the compact platform fits effortlessly through single doors

Fits into lifts – The Deskglider’s small working footprint makes it ideal for working in corridors confined spaces.

2. No battery

No downtime to charge, zero emissions making it eco-friendly.

3. Convenience

With the Deskglider there is no need to clear desks, or rearrange computer wires because it is designed to work over desks with ease, allowing the operator to easily access assets like lights, air conditioning units, alarms.

4. Versatile

The Deskglider can also be used as a freesting access tower making it a highly versatile compact dual-purpose work platform for a variety of work at height tasks.

5. Safety

The Deskglider access platform is a safe option for low level access, greatly reducing the risk of falls from height. As it works over desks other obstructions, it is safer than ladder systems, reduces the risk of operatives trying to lean across or st on desks chairs.

Deskglider Hire from JMS


The Deskglider is manufactured in lightweight aluminium. It is height-adjustable with a maximum working height of 4m. It has a working width of 1.10m working length of 1.44m a Safe Working Load of 150kg.

Safe simple

Mark Jackson, Managing Director of JMS says: “For a safe, simple, low-cost low-level solution, the Deskglider is the popular choice. It is easily transportable, compact, minimises disruption in the workplace. However, it is just one of a range of low-level platform hire options available at JMS. We always aim to have the right choice available, whatever the working at height task.”

Nationwide access

All powered access equipment is available for hire nationally through JMS’s depots in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, Leeds, West Yorkshire, Pinewood studios Radlett.

For more information about the Deskglider, or to hire any of our low level access platform range, please call 0845 457 0000 or email hire@jms.co.uk