Why Hire Spider Lifts from JMS Powered Access?

In recent years, tracked booms have become increasingly popular in providing access to internal and external applications where modern architecture and landscaping creates interesting access challenges.

Crawler tracks enable tracked booms to travel over rough terrain whilst innovative boom configuration and modern design enable them to fit through narrow entrances yet still provide high reach capability.

The versatile and safe way to work at height

Tracked booms offer a fast, safe, and productive way to work at height, both internally and externally. Their crawler tracked allow the machines to travel across rough terrain – and across low load bearing internal floors.

Their design, with outrigger legs that are stowed while being moved into position, allow many tracked booms to access very confined spaces, through standard doorways, while still providing high reach capability.

6 reasons to hire tracked booms from JMS

  1. A modern fleet – the latest tracked booms available from the world’s leading manufacturers
  2. Lightweight machines – ideal for working across low load bearing floors
  3. Free site surveys – we ensure you get the right machine for the job
  4. Comprehensive support – including detailed product handover and familiarisation process
  5. Lithium battery models– electric tracked booms for powerful, fume-free, low-noise working at height
  6. Trained operators – available if you need expert support at competitive rates.

Why a tracked boom?

More versatile than all other aerial lift categories combined. Light like a trailer mount and mobile like a truck mount, and enhanced performance over a heavier self-propelled boom lift.

Tracked booms provide access solutions for complicated locations because they are compact. They fit easily through narrow spaces and single gates and doors.

JMS Track Boom Hire
The Bluelift C22/11 Spider lift – compact to get through a doorway in a hospital

Tracked boom applications

The machines can be used in a wide range of environments and for many working at height applications.  These include:

  • Facilities maintenance
  • High level cleaning
  • Building inspection and surveying
  • Tree surgery and arboreal services
  • Telecommunications
  • Construction
  • Lighting and electro-mechanical installation
  • Power and energy distribution
  • Exhibition and event set-up
  • Leisure and retail centre maintenance
  • Hotel maintenance
  • Prison maintenance
  • Stately home and church repair and renovation
Hinowa Light Lift LL17.80 Hire Tracked Booms from JMS.
Hinowa Light Lift LL17.80 – Hire Tracked Booms from JMS.

Tracked boom matting

Boom operatives can use protective matting indoors to protect delicate flooring, for instance preventing the crushing or scratching of tiles. Matting can also be laid just as easily outdoors to ease movement across unstable ground.

What JMS offer

JMS has a fleet of track mounted booms available for hire. Leading brands available include, Hinowa, TeupenJLG, and Bluelift.

Nationwide Coverage

For information about tracked boom hire, or hiring other powered access equipment get in touch with the team today on 0845 457 0000 or hire@jms.co.uk

You can now talk to a JMS Powered Access expert on our new web chat facility on jms.co.uk