Watch the Nifty 120T – the go anywhere compact boom

The versatility and excellent reach of the Nifty 120T trailer-mounted boom is perfectly demonstrated in JMS’s latest powered access video.

The Nifty 120T’s telescopic upper boom helps deliver a maximum working height of 12.2 metres and maximum outreach of 6.1m.

Yet the aerial boom weighs just 1400kg, allowing it to be towed by a large car, such as a L-Rover, or a van.

Its compact design and light weight makes the machine easier to move into position in confined spaces, while hydraulic outriggers support quick set-up

A platform capacity of 200kg makes the Nifty 120T trailer mount ideal for structural inspection, building maintenance supporting construction tasks such as glass installation

Talk to JMS about the Nifty 120T, or any other working at height requirement, Call the hire desk on 0845 457 0000.