Rising UK skyline built for Hinowa Lightlift 33.17

UK cities are on the up, says a new report on tall buildings, which is why JMS is expecting its Hinowa Lightlift 33.17 aerial platform will be in high demand.

The machine is the highest most compact diesel-powered articulating spider platform in Hinowa’s Performance range, making it ideal for building maintenance in urban landscapes where space is at a premium.

The London Tall Buildings Survey, published by New London Architecture (NLA), is an annual review of how many what types of tall building are planned or in construction across the UK’s capital.

Key findings of the 2019 review are that tall buildings are becoming increasingly accepted by both people living working in London the capital’s planning authorities, a process that is likely to increase demand for powered access hire.


Taller buildings – taller spider booms

While the number of planning applications in 2018 decreased marginally, the number of tall building schemes given planning approval increased from 63 to 72. Also, more tall building clusters are appearing in outer London areas, says the NLA report.

London Skyline
A view of the City of London from Hackney in East London. The capital’s population is increasing, but available development space is not, increasing the pressure to build upwards. Picture © David Holt

JMS Managing Director Mark Jackson said: “The trend is clearly likely to raise the average height of new-build projects, especially around these tall building clusters.

“With the need to make best use of space to stop London expanding outwards, planners are also allowing taller buildings to be positioned closer together.

“This will increase demand for the most capable powered access machines, both for construction maintenance, which is where the Hinowa Performance Lightlift 33.17 comes into its own.

“Here at JMS, we are determined to keep up with these significant trends, which is why we are very happy to invest in highly agile, safe and sustainable access equipment like these Hinowa spider booms.”

Tracked Boom Hire

Compact agile aerial platform

The Hinowa Lightlift 33.17 aerial platform has a maximum working height of 32.6 metres – equivalent to the height of a ten-storey building – an impressive maximum horizontal reach of 16.5 metres.

The Hinowa Lightlift 33.17 aerial platform has a large basket with a maximum 230kg capacity, allowing operatives to work at height effectively with plenty of tools and materials.

As a highly-compact spider boom, it can be located and operated in confined spaces, causing minimal disruption to activity on the ground, allowing work to be done at multiple sites at height without relocating the machine.

As well as building systems maintenance, the spider boom is ideal for tree pruning – another common task in modern urban landscapes – painting, cleaning, plus the installation and maintenance of signs, solar panels, telecommunication masts.

The highest standards of safety are provided with the latest Hinowa anti-entrapment device fitted as standard and automatic shut-off systems if the machine detects unsafe conditions.

Mark Jackson said: “The Hinowa Lightlift 33.17 tracked spider boom is a 21st Century response to the 21st Century cityscape emerging around us. High-rise living is increasingly essential in UK cities. JMS machines define powered access’s response to that trend.”

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