More Pecolifts for JMS Powered Access

JMS Powered Access has taken delivery of the final units from its latest £350,000 investment in Pecolift low level access platforms.

This latest tranche is part of the JMS ongoing investment programme that has seen JMS secure a top five position in UK fleets of push around access platforms, exp their depot network beyond their Hertfordshire/North London headquarters to new locations in Buckinghamshire Yorkshire.


The Pecolift, manufactured by Power Tower, is a hydraulic oil-free battery-free low level push around access platform. It is ideal for low level access operation inside buildings, for example in hotels, offices, leisure centre, warehousing retail environmental.

Facilities managers specialists are increasingly recognising the flexibility of such machines instead of using ladders podium steps. They are simple to operate, with a h turning wheel getting operatives up to maximum working height of 3.5m in just 11 seconds, easy to manoeuvre around site. It also has the advantage of being an eco-friendly solution – as no batteries no charging are required.

JMS Managing Director Mark Jackson said: “JMS Powered Access has seen a steady increase in dem for Pecolift machines over the last twelve months. It’s been extremely well received by our customers – particularly in the mechanical electrical sector. The machines will be delivered into our depots in Leeds, Yorkshire Harpenden, Hertfordshire.”

For further information about the Pecolift or to arrange a hire, call JMS Powered Access on 0845 457 0000