JMS Powered Access is first choice for dockside crane maintenance

If you are maintaining the UK’s largest dockside cranes it makes sense to hire the UK’s largest powered access machines.

JMS Powered Access machines are being used exclusively to maintain dockside cranes at the DP World London Gateway Port on the River Thames Estuary.

A crane maintenance contractor is using a range of aerial platforms hired from JMS – including ultra booms scissor lifts – to work on the cranes, which at 138 metres tall, are among the biggest in the world.

Maintaining the cranes is vital to loading unloading operations at the port, one of the most important commercial import-export gateways in the UK.

Aerial platforms ideal for crane inspections repairs

The powered access platforms hired from JMS have been selected to support the repair servicing of automatic stacking cranes at the port.

Powered access platforms used in the crane maintenance operations include:

  • The JLG 1250AJP articulating boom lift, which has a working height of 40.3 metres, a reach of 19.3 metres
  • The JLG 1350SJP telescopic boom lift, with a working height of 43.3 metres, a particularly impressive reach of 24.38 metres
  • And the Skyjack 4632 electric scissor lift, which has a working height of 11.75 metres, a 1.22-metre roll-out deck.

The aerial platforms are used to carry out structural inspections facilitate the removal installation of parts, including electric motors lifting equipment.

Key benefits delivered by the mini fleet of JMS aerial platforms on site include industry-leading safety features, flexibility, the speed precision with which they can be operated in a live dockside environment.

Speed vital for planned reactive crane maintenance

DP World London Gateway is a continuous high-speed operation, with average truck-turnaround time of under 40 minutes an average container turnaround time of 20 minutes.

JMS Regional Account Manager Paul Holls said: “With this incredible turn-around time, every minute lost when a crane or automated loading machine is out of action is a significant cost to the business.

“The cranes require planned reactive maintenance that is fast safe. The JMS powered access machines hired for dockside operations, meet those requirements perfectly.” 

“The JLG ultra-booms are powered by low-emission diesel engines so can operate continuously, even in poor weather conditions that would prevent some other platforms from working.

“This is important because the automated stacking area of the port will only close in exceptionally adverse weather, only for an hour or two at a time.”

Cherry Picker Hire from JMS
JMS providing powered access for clients with maintenance tasks at height.

Largest ultra-booms available for hire

JMS’s aerial platform hire fleet has some of the largest ultra-booms available for hire in the UK, with the JLG 1350SJP the JLG 1250AJP being just two examples.

Both platforms are equipped with articulating jibs for fast safe platform placement. Both also have four-wheel-drive four-wheel-steer plus oscillating axles for superb worksite mobility, which is essential in controlled spaces like docks.

The excellent reach of both machines allows them to be placed in safe secure locations, without disrupting ground-level operations. The JLG 1250AJP also has JLG’s QuickStick boom design, greatly reducing lift lower speeds.

Cherry Picker Hire from JMS
In action with the JLG boom at the iconic DP World, London Gateway.

Electric scissor lifts with large platform capacity

The Skyjack 4632 battery-powered scissor lifts, the largest of Skyjack’s Conventional Series of electric scissors, are used to maintain cranes lifting equipment taken into the port’s maintenance centre.

Their 317kg platform capacity large working platform area, plus the roll-out deck, allows crane maintenance engineers to work up around large pieces of equipment, carrying all the equipment parts they need.

Meeting powered access needs with great service

Paul Holls said: “JMS provides the right powered access machines, even for these challenging operations, we also pride ourselves on the level of service we deliver as well.

“We will always work closely with clients, such as this one at DP World London Gateway, select the right access machines for working at height safely, effectively sustainable, then keep them operating in perfect condition while they are needed.”

JMS’s access platform fleet is in constant use at the highly-automated deep-sea container port logistics hub.

As well as having record-breaking cranes, there are 60 automated stacking cranes 180 transaction bays. The port also has the UK’s longest rail terminal three rail-mounted gantry cranes.

Cherry Picker Hire from JMS
A long way down – the view from the top of the cherry picker
Cherry Picker Hire from JMS
JLG Cherry Picker at the DP World, London Gateway.

JMS Powered Access Hire Training

To find out more about ultra-boom hire scissor lift hire options from JMS, including the powered access machines used at DP World London Gateway, call us today.

JMS also has other powered access equipment available for hire, such as tracked spider booms, low-level access machines, including personnel masts.

If necessary, we can supply fully-trained highly-experienced powered access operators to support your project. JMS also delivers a range of training including IPAF training, so your teams can always work safely at height.

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