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Changes are being brought in by HMRC which means that from the 1st April 2022, rebated diesel (known as red diesel) and rebated biofuels will no longer be allowed to be used as they are currently.

What are the changes?

From the 1st of April 2022, companies operating construction plant machinery will no longer be able to use rebated red diesel or rebated biofuels. Companies will need to use white diesel or biofuels such as HVO, and will be required to pay the full amount of duty on the fuel.

What does this mean for me?

As of the 1st of April 2022 you will not be allowed to refill fuel-tanks with red diesel or rebated biofuels and this practice will be illegal. The fuels that will be permitted for use will be white diesel or duty paid biofuels such as HVO. After 1st April 2022, if red diesel is found in a machine returned to JMS Powered Access, the hirer will be charged for the draining and cleaning of the tank.

For details on the HMRC changes, you can follow the link here.

HVO fuel – a greener alternative

HVO stands for hydrotreated vegetable oil and is made from vegetable oils or fats. It’s sometimes known as renewable diesel and is a fossil-free alternative to mineral diesel.

HVO fuel can be used for vehicles and machinery across a wide range of industries including construction equipment and fleet vehicles.

JMS can supply HVO fuel upon request, for all of its powered access platforms – cherry pickers, scissor lifts, telehandlers and spider boom lifts.

What are the benefits of HVO fuel

Compared to mineral diesel, HVO fuel has many advantages and environmental benefits:

  • It can be used as a drop-in replacement for mineral diesel and gas oil in engines – no need to adjust engines before using.

  • It has a long shelf of up to 10 years, compared to just 1 year for mineral diesel and is a more stable fuel making it easy to store.

  • There is no compromise in engine performance when switching to HVO fuel, even in colder temperatures.

  • It’s odourless and virtually free from sulphur, giving it a clean burn with less emissions emitted.

  • HVO fuel is a sustainable and renewable alternative to mineral diesel.

  • Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by up to 90% (compared to fossil diesel) when using HVO fuel.

  • It can help extend the lifespan of emission control systems and improve engine cleanliness.

  • HVO fuel helps to lower your carbon footprint and improves the local air quality where the access platform is being used.

Nationwide hire from JMS Powered Access

Hiring your powered access from JMS is straight forward and convenient.

With nationwide coverage, we can supply your cherry picker or scissor lift wherever you are in the country.

JMS depots are located in HarpendenRadlettDartford and Leeds.

For all powered access hire enquiries, call our hire team on 0845 457 0000 or email hire@jms.co.uk.

JMS offers a comprehensive range of training courses to help you work safely at height including IPAF training and PASMA training.

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