Please note that from the 1st April 2022, it will be illegal to use “red” or rebated fuel in construction and plant vehicles, following changes brought in by HMRC.
Find out more about the changes here.

The FuelBox Green D+ HVO and Derv/White Diesel Fuel Box is available for sale from JMS – Call 0845 457 0000

FuelBox is a superior quality GAS OIL enhanced with a unique, specially formulated additive system GAS Oil 10 Plus to accomplish outstanding performance over conventional Red Diesel/Gas Oil.

Conveniently pre-packed in a 20 Litre UN approved bag in box system.


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Specification Overview

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FuelBox is suitable for all OFF ROAD Diesel Engines:
  • Plant Machinery Equipment
  • Agricultural Machinery including Modern Machines Calibrated to EN590
  • Diesel engines fitted with DPF, EGR and SCR systems
  • Power Generators
  • Marine Diesel Boat engines
  • Oil fired Heating systems (requiring 35 sec burning oil)
  • Improved Cetane Rating
  • Reduces deposit and varnish build-up
  • Improves combustion efficiency
  • Improved Fuel Consumption
  • Reduced visible emissions (smoke)
  • Protects against premature wear in fuel pumps and injectors
  • Enhances the performance of older engines.
  • Contains demulsifiers to combat water build-up
  • Prevents emulsions forming and filter blockages
  • Improved storage stability
  • Reduces Microbiological growth
  • Preventing Sludge build-up

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