Cherry Picker Hire Checklist

JLG 1500 boom lift
A JLG 1500 AJP articulated cherry picker outside the Barclay stand of Norwich City Football Club.

When it comes to cherry picker hire, there are a number of things to consider to ensure you get the right machine. 

Here’s our check list of what you need to know:

Working height

This is an important one, as getting the wrong height platform can cause delays and incur extra costs. Working heights are calculated using the maximum platform height plus two metres


Outreach is an important consideration when clearing obstacles. The maximum outreach of cherry pickers is measured from the centre of the slew ring

Platform capacity

Always consider the safe working load of the cherry picker you are hiring. Calculate the weight of the operatives, plus any tools materials.

Ground conditions

It may not be one of the first things that spring to mind when thinking about cherry picker hire but taking the time to check the ground conditions of where you’ll be using the platform will save you time and money in the long run.  Operating machines on gradients, rough or wet terrain will affect your choice of equipment as some are better suited than others to these conditions. Please discuss the particulars of the ground conditions with us before you hire and we can advise accordingly.

Wind speed

Operating a cherry picker in high winds is dangerous as they can become unstable and there’s the risk of them tipping over. All MEWPs, including cherry pickers, are designed to operate in wind speeds up to a maximum which should be marked on the machine. (Always refer to the machine operator’s manual to confirm maximum safe wind speeds.)
Wind speeds can be checked with an anemometer and it’s very important to remember that wind speed increases with height so may be 50% greater at a height of 20m above ground level.
Surrounding buildings, high-sided vehicles and even aircraft slipstreams can all affect the local wind speed.

Working indoors or outdoors?

Electric powered cherry pickers are recommended for indoor use as they emit zero emissions and are often quieter than diesels. Remember to measure the access to any buildings whilst considering any other restrictions. Let us know if you have any requirements for non-marking tyres or wheel covers.
For cherry pickers that will be used outdoors, remember to check the wind rating, ground conditions and outreach.

Who’s operating?

We provide a range of IPAF training courses for operating cherry pickers. Call 0845 4570000 or email to book a course or to enquire about a fully trained JMS operator.

Site survey / recce

At JMS, we offer a full site survey / recce service. We’ll visit your site to assess the conditions and recommend the most suitable cherry picker for your requirements. This can be arranged before you order so please discuss this with us on 0845 457 0000 or via email on

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