Super boom hire delivers big lift for factory roof repair

The world’s largest articulated boom – the JLG 1500 AJP – supplied by JMS has proved the ideal choice for roofing contractors carrying out insulation work on a factory roof.

The super boom provided excellent platform space capacity to allow the work to be carried out safely and productivity at an industrial estate in Essex.

A JMS operator controlled the articulated boom lift while the roofing team could get on with the task with improving insulation on the roof.

Growing demand for super boom hire

JMS Managing Director Mark Jackson said: “Articulated super booms are in increasing demand, it’s not just because of the heights they can reach.

“Their up and over reach gives contractors greater flexibility in the placing of booms in congested spaces like industrial estates. Their stability and platform space also contribute to high productivity levels when working at height.

“These are important reasons why JMS is investing in super booms is only of the UK’s leader specialists in super boom lift hire. If customers want to get the most out of these benefits we want them to come to us.”

JLG 1500 AJP Superboom hire
JMS Powered Access Hire – the JLG 1500 AJP articulated boom lift at a factory in Essex.

JLG 1500 AJP boom lift – big on capability capacity

The super boom has a maximum working height of 48.15 metres and an up and over reach of 18.40 metres. Its platform is 910mm wide and 2440mm long, providing excellent working space. It also has a carrying capacity of 450kg.

This platform capacity, combined with the drivability of the boom lift at full height, means a team can stay working at height for longer, allowing jobs to be completed more efficiently, effectively, and safely.

superboom hire
Hire the JLG 1500 AJP from JMS

Innovative controls boost safety and productivity

The JLG 1500 AJP gives operators the largest working outreach of any articulated boom lift in the industry, while JLG’s SkyGuard system minimises the risk of operator crushing and entrapment.

It’s Quikstik control system reduces time spent positioning the machine. A digital display informs the operator of the machine’s position in the work envelope at all times and a wide axle footprint makes the super boom highly stable.

Nationwide Service

All powered access equipment is available for hire nationally through JMS’s depots in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, Leeds, West Yorkshire, and Pinewood studios Radlett.

For more information about superboom hire, or to hire any of our powered access range, please call 0845 457 0000, email or use our new web chat facility on