Rough terrain spider boom ready for 5G installation

Powered access hire specialist JMS has responded to growing demand for an ability to work at 30m+ height over rough terrain.

It has purchased an Ommelift 3700 RBDJ tracked spider boom which has a maximum working height of 37m and a maximum outreach of 14.2m.

JMS Managing Director Mark Jackson said: “Operatives in a range of sectors need to work at significant height, often in hard-to-reach isolated locations.

“The Ommelift 3700 RBDJ spider boom meets many challenges faced by these customers, including telecommunications contractors looking to install new 5G technology and arborists.”

The spider boom has a travelling width of just 1.1m, making it ideal for accessing very narrow spaces, including paths, lanes and gates.

Its fly jib can be raised and lowered through 130° and the basket can be rotated 41° to the left and right, supporting optimum placement for safe and productive working.


The Ommelift 3700 RBDJ boom has full hybrid drive and lift, with diesel power for working at height externally, and electric batteries for internal projects.

The spider boom has excellent gradeability. It can be driven up, down and across 35° slopes and can be set up to work at height on slopes up to 30°.

With a maximum basket capacity of 250kg, operatives can carry plenty of tools and materials.

Mark Jackson said: “Tracked spider booms are increasingly used for working at height over low load bearing ground, such as pedestrian areas in towns and cities.

“The rough terrain capability of the Ommelift, and its operational precision, is also ideal for arborists who want to be in just the right position at height to safely maintain trees.

“With the increasing risk of storms in the UK, the machine will come into its own, especially in winter and spring, to inspect and remedy damage caused by high winds.

“These kind of crawler booms will also be used increasingly to install and maintain the UK’s new network of 5G telecommunications equipment, either on existing masts or new ones.”

Talk to us about the Ommelift 3700 RBDJ crawler spider boom on 0845 457 0000.