JMS hits the high notes at the BRIT Awards

JMS powered access played a key role in setting up the O2 Arena for the 2019 BRIT Awards.

Some of the UK’s largest powered access platforms were required to hang large bred banners posters throughout the O2 Arena where the event was taking place.

The project included the arena exterior, all internal public areas, more than 30 fully bred corporate suites.

Paul Holls JMS Film, TV Media Specialist said: ”The O2 Arena is in constant use so our customer had a very limited time to hang then remove the bring banners posters for the show.

“The banners were very large, around 15m by 10m. Because of their size the height physical profile of the arena’s dome, we recommended a Genie ZX 135/70 articulating boom lift a Genie SX 180 telescopic boom as well as multiple low-level access platforms to get the job done.”

The O2 Arena dome is one of the largest single-roofed structures in the world the ninth largest building in the world by usable volume. The centre of the canopy is 52 metres high.

“The client was delighted that we were able to deliver the superbooms required for the height of the external work quiet emission-free low-level access platforms for the internal work,” said Paul.

Articulated boom lets operators work in harmony

The 43m Genie ZX 135/70 is an articulating boom lift with a highly versatile working envelope that delivers up–over access, as well as out–over out–under access that is not possible with a traditional jib.

The aerial platform has a maximum working height of 43.15m a straight out maximum horizontal reach of 21.26m. But it also offers a maximum up over clearance of 23.01m a below ground reach of 5.87 metres with a rotating jib for precise positioning.

The 272kg platform capacity made it possible to lift two operators plus the giant banners they were attaching.

It is this flexibility that made the Genie ZX 135/70 the ideal solution for the awkward shape of the O2 Arena dome.

Tallest telescopic boom reaches the top of the scale

The 54.9m Genie SX 180 telescopic boom is the tallest in the Genie range.

It is built to safely quickly lift operators, making it ideal to complete the work quickly in awkward areas.

The Genie SX 180 has a large 2.44m wide platform with a capacity of 340kg, so it could safely lift two operators, their tools the banners, ready to hang.

This reduces the need for constant repositioning between lifts improves productivity.

For more information about powered access for arena, stadium, signage bring applications contact the JMS Hire Desk on 0845 457 0000.