JMS go Turbo with MEC 6092 RT Big Deck Scissors

JMS investment in large deck scissor lifts hire fleet continues with the arrival of two MEC6092RT diesel scissor lifts.

The MEC 6092RT scissor provides working heights of 18.2m with an equally impressive platform capacity of 600kg – ideal for jobs requiring multiple operatives with tools materials.

Powerful Quad-Trax 4 wheel drive oscillating axles enable the MEC 6092 RT scissor lift to tackle to the toughest of site conditions – what MEC (the US based manufacturer) calls extreme terrain. It’s also powered by a turbo charged Kubota engines for Powered Access diesel engine.

Large deck scissors are used extensively for construction site applications – with roll out deck extensions provided the additional width required for modern building panels or to enables operatives to work on larger areas at any one time. Cladding, pipework, roofing sprinkler contractors are typical users but the large decks also make it suitable for property maintenance tasks, signage, glazing civil engineering.

Hire the MEC big deck scissors from JMS Southern depot in Hertfordshire or Northern depot in Leeds

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