Euromats – Ground Protection Mats

Euromats – Ground Protection Mats

Euromats Protect!

Their large surface area disperses the weight of vehicles enables our Euro mats to be used for effective ground protection in areas such as gardens, parks, golf courses cemeteries. Just think of the way our mats can help your application in ground or particularly ground protection where vehicles have to cross.

How are Euromats different from the competition?

Well their unique self cleaning grip surface is aimed at dispelling mud but will still give grip to vehicles or pedestrians as they cross the grass protection mats. The traction cylinder built into the underside of the mat also aid in gripping the surface, whether that be soil, grass or synthetic turf. These small cylinders prevent sliding provide stability to the mat.

Light weight strong

Each high density polyethylene Euromat comes in stard sheets of 2,440mm x 1,130mm (8 x 4) weighing 36kgs. The light weight Euromat means that each is easily moved, loaded, unloaded or stacked with the convenient h holes. The mats have a weight bearing limit of up to 30 tonnes, this is based upon a level relatively hard surface. This weight bearing limit goes down when putting over uneven or boggy ground.

To connect the sheets together, Grassform Plant Hire offer urethane connectors for long-term applications, metal connectors for heavy tracked equipment U pins for slopes cambers on soft surfaces. Each system ensures that the Euromats do not move as vehicles or plant cross, reducing any potential damage increasing ground protection.

Material 100% High Density Polyethylene
Colour Black
Optional extras Neoprene connectors for longer term connection Metal connectors for heavy tracked equipment Metal U pins for slopes cambers
Environmentally Friendly Weather proof, water resistant unaffected by extreme heat or cold
Description TM4496-double sided
Dimensions 113cm x 244cm
Weight per sheet 36kg
Thickness 1.27cm

Specification Overview

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