As demand rises for boom lifts – so do their size

Boom lifts, often know as cherry pickers, are going up in the world in more ways than one.


Here at JMS Access we keep up with trends in boom lift rental – which is why we have some of the tallest boom lifts for hire in the UK. Boom lift manufacturers are in a race to supply machines with ever higher safe working heights, because there is growing demand for what are now called ultra boom lifts.


Most people refer to boom lifts as cherry pickers – and we still do as well – but you will not find cherry trees at the height that these monsters can operate at.


In February of this year, JLG, one of our suppliers, unveiled the JLG 1850SJ – a telescopic boom lift with the highest working height on the market. JLG said the machine can reach an eye-watering 19 storeys. With a platform height of 56.56m (every centimetre counts when you are breaking records), it beats the next most lofty boom lift, the Genie SX-180, by just under two metres.
Both manufacturers know that, as the global economy picks up, there will be growing demand for boom lifts that can reach ever higher, especially in the construction industry.


These boom lifts are also ideal for maintaining tall buildings and large manufacturing installations, such as chemical works.
We have also seen a growth in demand for high platform boom lift hire, which is why we have invested in some monster boom lifts of our own.


For example our Genie Z135 diesel boom lift can reach up to 42.9 metres, so it is no slouch. We also have the Teupen 50T boom lift that tops the lot, at 50m.
If you need a cherry picker that is better suited to a Californian Redwood, have a look at our boom lift hire rates.

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JMS Access supply Electric and Diesel Boom lifts across the UK

JMS offers some of the UK’s most capable high-reaching boom lifts for hire, plus a wide range of other excellent cherry pickers, ideal for operating at all height levels.
We operate a national boom lift / cherry picker hire service from our powered access centres inHarpenden, Hertfordshire, and Leeds, West Yorkshire: 01582 467 000.